Dark Winter

By Bill Fountain

Posted November 21, 2020, 2:12 am

He awoke to complete darkness and solitude, experiencing his very first moment of consciousness. He knew nothing about who he was or why he was in the situation he was in; all he knew at this moment was darkness. There was not even a point of reference for lightness yet established in his mind, but somehow he knew what he saw to be darkness.

Organically, his mind wandered to nonsensical, exploratory thoughts and as it did, specks of light would flash in the horizon. He experienced a brief glimmer of pure serenity- a flash of absolute peace before his vision went blank again. He envisioned more of the light that he naturally preferred, and instantly, lightness filled his perceptual vision until it began blinding him. The light was suddenly dimmed in exact synchronicity with his desire for less light.

The next move he made was visualizing his idea of novelty which manifested in the form of colors, and surely enough, colors appeared before him. He started treating the new light as an artist, mixing and manipulating the colors to create new shapes and objects until they became three-dimensional. It wasn’t long before he had materialized skies, mountains, trees, oceans, fields, and eventually, his own body in the form of a human.

He walked about the environment, pensively observing all directions with great mysticism. A curiosity of possibilities consumed his mind as he thought about diverse methods of interacting with his creations. He fantasized about breezing winds, pleasant aromas, and sensations of taste and touch, causing these things to come to fruition. Discoveries and further creations continued to ensue until he was satisfied with the final project his mind had created.

Wandering barefoot across his new beach at the edge of the newly-formed ocean, his mind drifted to thoughts of how he was created. He wants to communicate with his creator and thus began envisioning what he believed his creator to be. Despite numerous attempts with mindful visualizations, no objects or sensory changes materialized from his perspective. It was eerie for him to experience this first moment of defeat.

After spending what he felt was sufficient time in an utterly isolated state, he started to idealize the companionship of another- one that he could share his newly-created work with. Without hesitation, a human figure faded into existence and after a moment of gathering composure, it quickly began surveying the area. It was at this moment that a means for communication was pondered by both beings.

The first being, the creator of the environment on which they stood, used his voice for the first time.

“These things and more can be created with your mind! You can call me Kos. What are you called?”

Kos already knew the being’s name was Set. Kos also came to know that he could read Set’s every thought. When he focused with enough intensity, Kos found that he was able to experience exactly what Set was experiencing and thinking to the core.

“My name is Set,” he eventually responded. “Who and what am I? Can you teach me how to create?”

“These things I am still learning, but teaching you how to create is what I can do. It’s very simple; you just need to think about what you would like to create, and it will instantly appear in front of your eyes,” Kos replied.

Set closed his eyes and within moments the two were standing in a wooded atmosphere surrounded by the tallest trees in their plane of existence.

“How is this possible?” Set asked. Kos looked on and smiled as he watched Set dazzled by the act of creation.

"As I said, these things I am still learning." The two spent much time conversing and building off of one another’s imagination, and Kos came to know everything about the nature of his reality.


Contrary to Kos, Set was unable to manifest new beings into existence. Kos was omnipotent in this world while Set was created with only the abilities that Kos had granted him.

Kos was the only being able to create and destroy souls at will and was the only one who could create new universes.

Kos sought not to give his created beings the same omnipotence that he claimed, as he foresaw chaos in doing this. The only thing Kos never interfered with was another’s soul right to free will. He would only use his powers to keep others in check, but never to control a person’s actions.

Kos proceeded to use his mind to produce living men and women by the hundreds, all with the same powers of creation, including the ability to create their very own offspring. When two beings were both whole-heartedly intent on having a new soul come into existence, they were able to do so and create life.

The new personalities began peacefully coexisting, all experimenting with their own power of creation. It never occurred to them to tamper with another's imagination as they existed firmly in love for one another.

It wasn’t known among the souls who their creator was, as Kos kept a silent profile about his superior powers. Kos foresaw chaos in clueing others in about his omnipotence.

As the population of the planet gradually reached thousands, Set and Kos were seated at Kos’s living room table. They often rendezvoused at Kos's minimalistic, wooded cabin to hang out and discuss existential matters. It was recently ascertained among the society that every being was immortal. Kos and Set prattled on about the concept of infinity until Set abruptly changed gears. He asked Kos a question that Kos knew had been on Set’s mind for a long time now.

“Kos, are you God?”

“I do not know where I have come from. But we are all Gods of our creations,” Kos responded in his usual, euphemistic manner that was, as of lately, beginning to get on Set’s nerves.

“You have to be God. There’s something or someone among us who is protecting us from chaos. It all began with just you and me- no other creators were in existence! Where did you come from?” Set exclaimed in a panic.

“Set, I will let you know of my truth since you are earnestly asking of it,” Kos said. “I do not know if I am God, but I do have powers that extend beyond the widely accepted realm of possibilities. Within me, I can grant and revoke any capabilities from any soul at my will. I can read other’s thoughts and feelings. It’s as if I have somehow experienced everything everyone has experienced already. I have decided to keep this knowledge to myself, as I know others will not understand my reasoning for withholding my omnipotence. ”

“I have always theorized you to have greater powers and seized the impression you were aware of my suspicion. Is there any way you can prove your powers to me?”

“I know you are thinking that maybe I will share my omnipotence with you. Unfortunately, this can never pass. I have seen what can happen when omnipotence is shared and so you mustn't reveal to the masses my true abilities.”

“I need to experience your powers so I can know what it is like. I believe you and I would make this world a much better place with our minds working together. Don't you think so?” Set asked.

“It’s not going to happen, Set. Please never ask me again.”


Set did not take this rejection well, and vowed to spend the rest of his eternity in search of a way to win Kos’s powers. He spent days incessantly scheming of ways to exploit Kos, night after night without any signs of slowing or exhaustion, as muscle atrophying did not exist in this world.

He built a bond with a woman named Kav, whom he severely manipulated, and together the two made millions of offspring. Set deceivingly indoctrinated Kav and their army of children that he is the God of this universe.

He assured his family that an unfamiliar species is declaring war on this planet and must be stopped immediately. He tricked his army into believing that they are mortal, and can die at the hands of the intruders. Set continued his pitch, explaining that with all of civilization's cooperation, this threat will see a termination.

In secrecy, Set produced multiple explosions throughout the world at random intervals destroying creations in an apparent attest to his desperate claims of an external threat. He sent his children as missionaries to all living communities, to educate them on this growing threat, and testify in his ability to save them.

Kos saw a chaotic nightmare beginning to realize. He knew his mistake of telling another of his powers but did not wish to deceive any of those who asked of his wisdom. He also did not see value in assassinating the powers of Set, since he would be committing the very usury he felt morally fastened to condemn.

A year had passed and civilization was in full worship of Set, their holy Creator- the only soul who could save humanity from the unpredictable threats that continued to haunt them.

The total population of souls surpassed trillions, with many being born directly under Set’s indoctrination. Through aggressive propaganda, Kos was widely accepted to be working undercover as an unfamiliar species in an attempt to undermine and enslave their society. When Kos did finally declare to the world that he was the living God and reminded all of their immortality, he was established as a dangerous threat and ostracized from civilization.

To prevent further souls from being damned upon birth, Kos used his omnipotence to revoke the power to create offspring from all souls. As a result, Set took credit for this act of God, citing that resources were not available to the ever-increasing population. The people accepted this and continued to worship Set as their Savior.

Despite his decayed reputation, Kos still maintained a healthy volume of supporters, so he decided to create a new universe- one free of the deception and lies running his first civilization.

Kos created a new planet from scratch and invited his followers to live with him to escape the deception. This worked for a while until rumors were quickly spread about a new terrorist planet being formed under Kos. Set’s army was quick to take dominance over this new planet. This process continued to repeat multiple times with several new planets of Kos's creation. So long as Kos invited new souls to his new planets, evil and corruption seemed to inevitably seep in.


“You know this all ends once you decide it is over, correct?” Set asked Kos.

Kos was seated on the dirt, meditating at the base of a tree near his wooded cabin. He opened his eyes and saw his first created being towering over him.

Kos was living in isolation. It occurred to Set that it had been an unusually long time since he had felt any sort of resistance coming from Kos. It almost had seemed like Kos had surrendered, and given up his efforts to bring a stop to Set’s order.

Set continued, “You only have to grant all your powers to me, and then we can work together. I will repair your good name with my souls.”

“Set, I cannot grant you the powers that you seek. It is because you operate from a position of fear and not of love. You believe that the ends justify the means but what you fail to understand is that there isn’t an end. You can try tricking your community into forgetting their powers, but it is a malevolent approach. There exist methods for creating sustainability and maintaining civility without totalities or maladies. I pray you to recognize these things. As for this moment, I cannot grant you my powers.”

Kos then vanished from Set's perspective and then reappeared in a new universe. He arrived at a place he has been creating since the beginning of his time.

He created a world that was the epitome of all things considered good. The land is teeming with unprecedented nature and animals of all species peacefully roaming about. Each soul can communicate with one another on a spiritual level, all feeling togetherness as one. No human soul, not even Kos’s followers, yet know of the existence of this paradise. He wants to bring them here but knows that it is not yet safe from potential evil coercing its way in.

As a result, Kos created The Pathway to his perfect planet. Crossing The Pathway is only attainable by those incapable of evil. Once The Pathway’s construction had been completed, Kos passionately revealed his new creation to his 120 followers, commanding all of their attention for the greatness they were to behold. He spoke of its details as the followers listened on.

“I have created a home that is finally free of evil and deception. This land cannot be imperiled and only those with an intact soul may be granted entry. To follow me means to have faith that I am the true creator of this universe, and defend the goodwill of all beings as my primary agenda. I cannot prove to you what it is I know to be true, however, I will describe to you the process of reaching my new creation.

To gain access to my perfect planet, you must first cross The Pathway. The Pathway will not be easy to cross, but it will be worth it.

The first thing that happens when you visit the entry point of The Pathway is you will agree to temporarily forfeit your memory of who you are and everything you know and believe. This shall be returned to you at a later time, but The Pathway to my perfect planet cannot be entered with present memories. Once you successfully enter The Pathway, it will appear you have been reborn into a new existence.

You will be a human. You will forget you have entered the pathway. In this world, you will inhabit a body that breaks down over time until it eventually dies. Not unlike our reality, it is a world of the mind.

Each soul who enters The Pathway will undergo a precise magnitude of unfathomable obstacles. You will suffer hardships, tragedy, pain, sorrow, and grief along with gratification, miracles, pleasure, hope, and acceptance. It's essential to understand that The Pathway is not protected from evil. Any beings can enter The Pathway on one condition: they must have at least parts of their soul remaining. Even those of evil intent can have pieces of their soul remaining.

Any act of evil committed on The Pathway, no matter the magnitude will result in the loss of pieces of your soul. Any act of goodness committed on The Pathway will result in the addition of pieces of your soul. You can think of your soul as starting with exactly 33,000 points.

Upon evil doings, parts of your soul will be transferred directly to Set. On the contrary, an act of good or a demonstration to live amongst a peaceful, thriving society will result in parts of my very soul being transferred to you.

If your physical body dies before you have undergone adequate levels of obstacles, you will be reborn on The Pathway again with your memory once again cleared. You will continue to be reborn on The Pathway until you have passed enough obstacles, or until the balance of your invisible Soul Points have depleted to zero.

You do not want your soul depleted- please hear me when I say these words. In the event of your Soul Points reaching zero, you will live out your soulless days on The Pathway until your body breaks down, and you will not be reborn. Instead, you will be united with your immortal body and memory as promised and returned to Set’s kingdom under his deceptive control. You will be eternally blacklisted from entering my perfect planet. You will be denied any physical access to The Pathway, for entering The Pathway requires pieces of your soul still intact.

Understand that you mustn’t advertise the secrets of The Pathway to Set and his followers, for they will seek dominance over the land with their illusory tricks as they have demonstrated with my past creations. They will seek to corrupt all souls by deceiving them into consenting to their damnation.

Without beings to control, Set loses all power he has amassed. That is why he will do everything he can to make sure you fail in your journey along The Pathway. He will tempt you with the temporal, decaying treasures that come with evil deeds, in exchange for pieces of your soul. If Set discovers The Pathway, he will inevitably seek control.

You must avoid the Mark of the Beast that Set will attempt to impose on you. Upon receiving this mark of his creation, your connection to me during your journey on The Pathway becomes lost. I will no longer be able to reward good deeds with soul points. Despite this, there is nothing to fear for I will never give omnipotence to Set.

If you require freedom from Set’s deceptive ways, you must cross The Pathway to my perfect planet. I will be with you, as I always am. The entry point to The Pathway is located in the first garden.”

Kos returned to his perfect planet and awaited the return of his creations. Kos knew that Set and his people were spying on him during his description of The Pathway, and knew that Set was already implementing strategies to take it over and render its existence, as well as the creation of the so-called “perfect planet”, completely useless. Kos was not worried about this, because he knew too well Set's flaws and weaknesses.

Set already figured out how he was going to foil the efforts of Kos. Set's army discovered that The Pathway allowed any spirit to enter the realm, bypassing the requirement of memory loss. The spirits could not physically manipulate objects and did not inhabit a body, but were able to influence thoughts and behaviors of the souls crossing The Pathway. To Set, this would be more than enough to gradually gain control utilizing his same tricks that have always proved to avail.


Centuries pass, and to no surprise to Kos, Set manages to infiltrate and take over The Pathway. The number of souls successfully crossing The Pathway and entering the perfect planet has plummeted to an all-time low, with more and more beings accepting earthly temptations in exchange for their souls.

The year was established to be 2020 on The Pathway. Tensions were rising with an outbreak of a smallpox virus that resulted in a massive amount of deaths, a worldwide lockdown in addition to consistent rioting in protest to continued racial injustice. It was assured to the souls that wearing masks, quarantining, social distancing, and minimizing physical contact was necessary to contain the virus and prevent further disaster. Some souls accepted these seemingly practical requests with grace and full cooperation, accepting the information as it became available. Others, however, resisted authority with distrust of information networks, prioritizing the protection of their freedom first and foremost.

Both sides were convinced that the other factions were deliberately destroying civilization with a sadistic desire to dance to the world burning. Yet at the same time, both sides equally felt in their hearts they were doing what was best for themselves, their loved ones, their communities, and their respective countries.

One of the most prominent presidential elections in the history of The Pathway had recently occurred. Even after the winner of the race had been declared, the losing side did not accept defeat. It was a dicey situation consisting of fraud allegations and lawsuits. The division among a once loving and peaceful society escalated to a level no soul could have predicted.

Set continued to move his chess pieces, advancing his agenda to destroy the hope of the people until they submit to his mark. The mark that will do away with the infected, physical currency and provide a means for a foolproof election process, with votes being safely cast directly from the mark. As long as Set revealed to the masses the true nature of the mark before dispensing it, then he will have deceived the souls into surrendering their free will.

Kos understands that it is now the time he had been anticipating almost his entire existence. As he was relishing in his perfect planet full of unprecedented nature and animals of all species peacefully roaming about, he closed his eyes, and the perfect planet suddenly became completely dark.

Kos took the energy representing all things good from his perfect planet and sent it to The Pathway in the personification of a mortal human. A perfect soul who was capable of leading the jeopardized souls back to a sense of normalcy. Kos named him Log and gives him powers of free agency, but also perfect knowledge of all things. Log shall bypass the memory loss that comes with entry to The Pathway.

The moment Log entered The Pathway in his journey of salvation, all the media and propagandized entertainment in existence is blacked out, depriving the masses of the news. Frantic IT efforts proved ineffective as it was now seemingly an impossibility to broadcast news over the airwaves.

Log led people to the light that he naturally possessed. He teaches Kos’s children means for self-sustainability to avoid dependence on corruptible markets. Some accept Log as the return of Christ, while others believe him to be a fraud. Regardless, the fear in the air gradually dissipated with the absence of ratings-based media. Communities relied on each other for business, and naturally, two sides who were once at each other’s necks in political discourse now found themselves gardening together, coexisting in a peaceful community, exchanging accounts of how Log had brought light into their lives.

The light was once again evenly balanced with the darkness, and Log returned to the perfect planet, which was dark but now light again. Kos opened his eyes to see his children home, fully realizing the image that once flickered before his eyes so long ago.

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