The Tale of Charles Manson

By Bill Fountain

Posted November 13, 2020, 10:27 pm

As young Charley day-dreamed about his bright, Hollywood career, he closed his eyes and envisioned his name in the lights with fans screaming in unrestrained excitement. He couldn’t wait for the day that Charley Manson became a household name.

He finally met a record producer in Hollywood who was going to give him his big break. Charley knew he had musical talent and an extraordinary singing voice. It was only a matter of time before he would cross paths with someone like Terry. Charley always believed in fate.

But Terry said no. He said no. To all of that art that Charley had put his heart into- his whole life had been leading to this moment and Terry wasn’t willing to give Charley a chance at a music career.

Charley began day-dreaming. He needed to figure out a plan to get the attention he felt he deserved. He realized that he would do anything to get what is rightfully his. He would murder if it came down to it. Besides, it would be Hollywood and their glamorization of violence that would be to blame.

After making this realization that he would commit evil atrocities in the name of getting what he feels he deserves, he developed an unusual “superpower”. He began seeing numbers above the heads of everybody in the entire world. Actual, physics-defying green numbers sat stationary in mid-air like a real-life Heads-Up Display. He looked in the mirror and saw his own number: 15,330.

Each day, everybody’s number would decrease by one, and it appeared Charley was the only one who could actually see the numbers. It didn’t take him long to realize the number represented how many days the person had left on the Earth. Charley decided to move to Hollywood and leverage this power any way he could.

He took a plane to Los Angeles International Airport, and it was on this plane that he experienced something that spooked even Charley himself.

Everybody’s number immediately dropped to zero at the precise second the plane began to take off. He considered trying to stop the plane, but upon visiting the cabin restroom, Charley noticed his own number still sitting at five figures.

He got a rush of excitement. This was it! He was to be the only survivor of a deadly plane crash and will become famous- loved and honored by the whole world.

But that didn’t happen. The plane arrived safely at LAX, and it was then that Charley noticed the impossible, even under the current circumstances.

Everybody insight had a zero. It appeared there wasn’t a soul alive that had anything other than a green zero above their head. He watched the news and saw zeroes. Everywhere on the television. Zeros. He could barely sleep. Surely there was someone who was going to be alive in the morning.

But the next morning everybody was still alive and still had zeroes above their heads, despite Charley’s number continuing to decrement by one. Putting aside the surreal magic he was witnessing, Charley returned to his initial mission at hand. He visited Terry Melcher’s home to see if he would give Charley one more shot.

To Charley’s great delight, a zero-wielding Terry welcomed him inside.

After spending hours drinking and laughing together, Terry decides to sign Charley to his record label.

He finally did it. He spent the next five years grinding it out and meeting some of the biggest Hollywood stars, eventually becoming a household name. He had learned to control his perceptual vision to make the magic zeroes above everybody’s head disappear and reappear on command. But it is a confirmed fact in Charley’s mind: He is the only human on the face of the Earth that has a number other than zero.

Charley becomes fatigued with the rock-and-roll lifestyle but still tries to stay relevant and come out with a new album every year. Soon Charley learns that it doesn’t matter what he puts out- his fans will react the exact same: as if he is a God.

But Charley doesn’t feel valued. He feels like all his efforts are for nothing. He purposely puts out an album that sounds as trashy as he could possibly make it- with no coherent beat or song structure. But sure enough, it is worshiped as the greatest album on the Earth. Charley wins Grammys every year and is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

After thirty years of being mindlessly worshiped by zeroes, Charley becomes intolerant of the boredom and lack of challenge. He decides to kill himself.

But he doesn’t die. After several attempts, Charley realizes he is immortal. His number continues to decrease, until one day, it finally hits single digits. Charley becomes excited to finally escape this world where he feels so alone. He cannot relate to anybody and feels nobody can relate to him.

But the day after his number was at 1, it resets back to 15,330.

This continues to happen again and again with no discernible end in sight.

Charley spends the next million years working with scientists to study reality, and technological/AI improvements. He learns the truth about what happened to him so many millennia ago.

He's living in a computerized virtual reality. He was selected by its sadistic creator, but the creator won't tell him his purpose.

Charley learns the number above people's heads never represented when the person would die. It represents how many days until the soul would leave the body.

The moment Charley decided he would do evil so many years ago, he was teleported to another dimension. He was now living in the only dimension where he becomes a famous musician.

Feeling the injustice consume him, Charley begins to reign terror on his planet. He is desperate to destroy everything that his creator values.

But his creator always stands in his way with godly, omnipotence. Charley realizes that the more evil he commits, the sooner his creator comes in to intervene. The only way to interact with somebody other than a soul-less entity was to commit as much evil as possible.

Charley's team of enslaved scientists eventually create technology that allows entry into different dimensions, but as a ghost that can only interact with invisible energy waves. Charley learns that there is only one way to travel to another dimension as a living, breathing organism that can directly interact with other souls.

He needs to extract the soul of a living person. The subject’s DNA must be compatible with his own. After years of searching for an ideal target he finally finds a soul that he can steal.

Charley travels to Earth and finds himself as a teenage boy.

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