The Man Who Destroyed Christmas

By Bill Fountain

Posted December 18, 2020, 8:38 pm

Brady always viewed himself as a philanthropist even well before he became a billionaire. He loved the feeling of giving and seeing the person's eyes as they received. People were not as fortunate as Brady, and he understood that so he wanted to do all he could to spread his fortune.

It was the Holiday Season, and Brady had already made half a billion dollars from investments alone this month. It seemed the obvious choice that he should give this money away, and he wanted to do it in such a way that ensured that new hope and faith in humanity could be restored. He had given away massive checks to charities and organizations in the past but didn't feel as if it was making the difference he thought it would. He wanted to give money to regular folk because he remembers the days when he was nothing more than that- working from paycheck-to-paycheck trying his best to support himself and his son. The feeling of getting a financial boost was always good for the soul and created genuine happiness in people that Brady knew he now had the power to provide for people.

Brady did something he hadn’t seen done before, and frankly always wondered why it had never been done. He created his own non-profit organization called Santa, Inc. He would hire workers to build toys and gifts that would be given to everybody in the country. The workers were well paid, and Brady didn’t mind that it was an expensive project that would only cost more and more money every year. He set up a website that people could fill out a form consisting of what they wanted from Santa, Inc., and they would receive it on Christmas morning.

The organization only gave out tangible gifts until Brady realized that people needed money to enjoy a good holiday season as well. A few years after the founding of Santa, Inc., Brady created a new feature that gave every citizen $10,000 every holiday season. This way, in addition to receiving a present from the organization, people also received money they could use to buy their own gifts for their loved ones.

He made a tweet with a video of himself explaining the new feature that would give free money away. People began praising him, practically worshiping him for his good deeds. Society was starting to become happier, and all in all, it seemed Brady had made the world a better place.

New generations became lazier because they understood they didn't need to be productive to have a financially sound life. Parents became spiteful at Brady because they enjoyed the days where THEY were the ones bringing Christmas to their children, but now their kids were only grateful toward Santa, Inc. They unquestionably enjoyed their $10,000 check though so there was no effort made to abolish such an organization.

Santa, Inc. thrived for decades, and when Brady died of old age, his family took over the non-profit organization so it could live on. The happiness and gratitude for the free gifts began slowly decaying, becoming more an expectation that citizens had instead of a privilege. Violence was growing, and the economy began seeing unimaginable inflation. The muscles of the new generation of citizens were atrophying at an exponential rate, as the importance of goals, and the feeling of having accomplished a goal became a foreign emotion.

Brady died happily knowing that everyone in the world thought he was a wondrous gift from God. To Brady, Christmas wasn’t about giving. Christmas was about the remembrance of Brady's greatness.

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