Bill Fountain Posted December 18, 2020, 8:39 pm

God vs. Satan

When my 7-year old niece found a tiny bug floating at the surface of the pool, she had the instinct to pick it up and save its life. Once she saved that tiny bug, she found several more that were also stuck in the water and proceeded to save as many of them as she possibly could. I wanted to tell her she was wasting her time, but I was reminded of a story about a little girl throwing washed-up Starfish back in the ocean. An old man told the girl that there are thousands of starfish on the beach, and she wouldn’t be able to make a difference. The girl then threw another starfish into the ocean and told the old man, “I made a difference to that one!”

I didn’t stop my niece because I could relate to what I imagined was going through her mind. She was visualizing what it must be like to be that tiny bug, who just wanted a quick drink but now found themselves trapped in an ocean of chlorine, hopelessly awaiting their imminent death. What my niece saw was another soul that was in danger and if she was that soul, she would hope that one of the giant humans would save her. This type of selfless thinking lies at the root of and is what drives the good that we witness in the world. The type of thinking- this authentic empathy- really lets people vivaciously feel what it’s like to be another person.

True acts of charity or salvation happen when a soul shares their blessings with the less fortunate or the imperiled. But why would somebody want to spend their time, money, and energy helping or saving somebody that wasn’t themselves? On the surface, it would seem that giving something valuable away is foolish when comparing the contrasting decision of keeping it for oneself. But what is happening is the person is throwing a rock in a pond, creating a ripple that moves all kinds of pieces in the universes and ends coming back to them. This ripple creates light in the lives of all souls who encounter it, which in turn creates more acts of kindness and even more ripples.

What we have in the end is more light in the world. This detectable energy seemingly all began with a thought inside of a mind; a thought mapping out a plan to help or save another in need. The mind that initially had this thought could have chosen an evil or a neutral thought, but instead, it chose the path of good. Perhaps their mind considered evil thoughts, or also considered ignoring the person in need. But the thoughts of good overpowered and manifested itself as an act of kindness in the world that inevitably created an encore of similar behavior. These thoughts of good had strength because they were backed by something stronger than physical temptations. These thoughts, as well as the thoughts my niece had when she was trying to save as many souls as possible, were backed by God.

I believe God is both real and a metaphor for light. However, God is more than just a metaphor, as God is the creator of light. I’ve gone through several altering phases when it comes to my beliefs in God. I grew up in the Mormon Church and was a true believer until around high school when I stopped caring. I never went on the 2-year mission that many Mormons go on and developed a somewhat atheistic view on life. God just didn’t make sense to me. How could someone know all things and know what every person was doing at the same time? If God was real, why do so many evil things happen in the world? I continued to ask these questions until answers slowly and gradually began making their appearance in my life.

When I mindfully observe the universe around me and draw focus to the motive of man, I see a perfectly-balanced mixture of good and evil. Whenever one side is excessively weighted and showing its face more often, the other side responds with equal and opposite counter-measures to bring forth a sense of stability. Lately, it seems we’ve been seeing more evil than good with all the chaos that has been ensuing in 2020. I have a strong faith that good will make its inevitable presence blatantly known very soon, as the yin needs the yang. The evilest things that the evilest people alive are capable of doing cannot prevail over the most virtuous things that the most virtuous people alive are capable of doing, just as the opposite seems to hold true.

There exists a duality in all things in this three-dimensional world. Light, dark, up, down, loud, quiet, caliente, frío. Every shade of every color has a direct opposite. This is because each polar end of every spectrum directly correlates to one another. This is not to say that every object in the world has an antonym. Nothing is the opposite of lasagna. But if you break down the components, traits, and functions that make up the lasagna (hot, delicious, nourishing), you will arrive at concepts and entities that all exist at some point on a certain spectrum of opposites. Consider how an army operates when it comes to defending their homeland. The higher the threat, the stronger the army must become. With minimal threats, minimal strength is necessary. Heroes are as strong as the villains are evil.

With this duality in mind, consider the rewards one gets for evil doings on this Earth. Stealing will provide one with resources, lying will allow one to manipulate others, killing will allow the elimination of threats, etc. These acts of evil committed in this three-dimensional world yield rewards of this three-dimensional world. There exist forces in the air that pulls each soul toward good or evil. The evil forces tempt souls with earthly treasures when they commit atrocities. These earthly treasures can be stolen by thieves, will deteriorate over time, and will be forfeited upon death, just as Jesus said in Matthew 6:19-20. Souls who turn away from evil and demonstrate selfless acts of good are rewarded with heavenly treasures. These heavenly treasures cannot be stolen by thieves, cannot deteriorate, and will be not forfeited upon death.

Heaven is a world composited of all things good. It is a world free of the deception and greed that we see running the three-dimensional plane we find ourselves living in today. Perhaps Heaven is something that each mind customizes based on the subconscious desires and core personality of the individual. Whatever Heaven is, the concept of it exists in the mind of every soul, whether or not the soul has tapped into it. Heaven is what is imagined when one fantasizes perfection- a sustained satisfaction. All the good energy that God emits through our world is the same energy that makes up the foundation of Heaven. This good energy being present on Earth is what separates our world from being Hell, the antithesis of Heaven. As much as the nihilist will say otherwise, the Earth is not Hell.

The Earth is teeming with the good energy God emits, which manifests itself as compassionate people, beautiful nature, miraculous health, confident hope, trusted friends, unconditional love, heart-warming pets, majestic animals, prospering education, unprecedented miracles, underdog victories, connected cultures, passionate art, romantic relationships, honorable parents, devoted families, relatable humor, pleasant aromas, charitable acts, laughing children, inspirational teachers, courageous heroes, unpredictable bonds, euphoric exercises, satisfying nourishment, uplifting music, accomplished relaxation, gracious volunteers, cathartic expressions, engaging hobbies, cheerful surprises, comfortable spaces, and visible growth. These things and more and given to us by a loving God. He is showing us that there a distinguishable difference between His blessings, and the things that are of Satan. Unlike the deceptive tools of Satan, God’s blessings overtly demonstrate an honest conveyance of nourishment and soul salvation.

God wants to save as many souls as possible, while Satan wants to destroy as many souls as possible. When you witness somebody do or say something suspicious, whether it’s in your personal life or on the television, ask yourself if the motives of the person are sourced from good or evil. Do they want to help other souls for heavenly treasures, or do they want to destroy souls for earthly treasures? When I saw my niece saving tiny bugs from the pool, I saw behavior sourced from good. The love and instinct to protect and care that a mother has for her baby is behavior sourced from good. This source of good is what fuels my faith in a loving creator and a flourishing, positive energy in the world that no act of evil can destroy.

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