Bill Fountain Posted December 11, 2020, 11:49 pm

The Reality of Modern-day Spells

The grandest spell of all was the one that convinced people that spells are merely a product of fairy tales.

Spells are designed to manipulate a person's belief system. They deceive us into believing faux facts that trigger an emotion within us. Once that knowledge has been seeded in our subconscious, a buzzword or a current event will be presented to us and activate the emotion set forth previously. What we perceive can cause us to bend our morals and eventually change who we are as a person.

Our mind is all we know. Deceptions work by taking advantage of not only what we know to be true, but also of what is unknown to us. In high school, I would lie to my mom about what I was doing on the weekends. My goal was to manipulate her mind into believing that her son was doing something innocent like having a sleepover at Frank's house. I did my best to create the picture that I wanted her to have- maybe playing some light video games with Frank, and exchanging philosophical ideas and preferred bible verses. I didn't want her to know that I was getting drunk with Frank at a party, or smoking weed at Candice's house. (She fucking hated Candice.)

I used lies and deception to piggy-back on what she knew to be true, i.e. I have a friend named Frank, who seems to be a good kid, and who I do, engage in innocent activities with. But I also took advantage of what she didn't and couldn't know. When I'm not in the same room as her, she can't know for sure what I'm doing. Even if she drove over to Frank's house to confirm my suspicious story, I could've just left my car over there. She wouldn't wholeheartedly know if I was present on the property unless she knocked on the door and saw me with her own eyes. And even then I could be using an android or a holographic projection. But seriously, I knew she wouldn't be able to effectively check up on me, so I saw an opportunity for deception to get what I wanted without facing consequences from authority.

A lie will usually work for the first few times. It's received as believable given the current knowledge and beliefs of the lie recipient. Often a lie like the one I've described with my mother will not last. A child lying to a parent for an extended period is difficult with the hierarchy of the family system in place. But what happens when an authority figure lies to somebody below them?

Consider the Santa Claus spell. The child's mind is deceived into believing they live in a fantasized world of magic, which ultimately affects how the child thinks and behaves. This spell is effective because the child's mind is still developing and they see no reason to question the credibility of the authority figure who consistently provides for them. The child's mind now lives in a world that is only a manufactured product of fantasy. The child will continue to live their life according to these false beliefs until they reach an age of revelation. I am by no means condemning the concept of Claus but wanted to exemplify how spells certainly are a part of our modern society.

A parent has authority over their child. But who is considered an authority figure to the average adult? Police, doctors, political figures, and educated professionals are more general answers. Depending on what the topic is, any acclaimed expert would have hierarchal authority in certain scenarios. If you are known to have any form of success, wealth, accolades, awards, respect, and/or recognition from others, you will have a particular authority in situations, especially in those directly relating to your experience and knowledge. As much as I hate to admit it, if a person has some sort of say in my freedom or income, they have a form of authority over me.

Problems begin to arise when philosophically considering that everyone, regardless of their power, also have some form of an authority figure in their lives. The wealthiest and respected kings still encounter others who have something they want or have the power to take away what they currently have. This is where corruption seems to make its inevitable presence.

Let's say the Mafia wants to run their cocaine hustle in a town where police have the power to destroy their network and means for providing for their families. The Mafia wants to remove this threat, so they rub shoulders with police deputies, passively offering large rewards for their complicity. On the surface, it would seem the Mafia have no authority over the police; however, once money enters the equation, a deputy sheriff could now see the Mafia as someone who could affect his income and quality of life. He may justify it to himself that it's best to do what the Mafia wants.

Continuing our hypothetical situation, the sheriff decides to accept the Mafia's offer. He lets trusted officers in on the scheme and the bonuses that come with it. Some cops remain clean, oblivious to the newly formed system they are involuntarily a part of. When reports come in of crime relating to the Mafia's business, they are assigned to the trusted officers. The illusion must be maintained to the clean cops and the general public that investigations and prosecutions are underway, even though they are covertly being swept under the rug. This is a form of a spell taking place.

Spells only work if a mind is willing to give power to the information and sensory feedback they are presented with. This is why the mind also has the power to break any spell. The media and the entertainment industry are some of the most powerful tools for modern-day spells. These types of mediums- whose sole existence is dependent on persistent mass broadcast- are extremely vulnerable to being abused by corporations with malicious intent. There's an enormous realm of possibilities and reasons why those with power would want to put a spell on those underneath them, but consider what we know about human tendencies and the existence of the ratings-driven media.

We know that media outlets on network television get funding from advertising. The more traffic the program generates, the more money that can be charged for commercials. We also know that humans are attracted to exciting things. If it bleeds, it leads. This creates a motive for fabricating and falsifying events, if anything, in the act of generating funding for the network. With every peppered story, the media asserts its ability to broadcast spells to societies. Financial gain is a motive for spells, but what happens when those at the very top, who control the money, have malicious intent? Whatever agendas they do have, it is almost certain that they will utilize the media and the entertainment industry to propagate their plans.

The magician never tells his secrets. The illusion must live on because if it didn't, the power of the magician would be diminished. The same holds for the media and entertainment industry. The spells they cast are only effective if our minds give power to them. The trick is that they both use the covert mixture of truth and fiction in their process. With enough consumption, it becomes difficult for our subconscious minds to discern which information is truthful, and which is intended to deceive.

This is where sound moral judgment comes into play. If something doesn't sit right with you, it's likely your conscience is giving you a nudge to investigate. The best way to avoid being deceived with stories designed to divide and rile up emotions is to completely abstain from the networks producing the spells. Too often have I seen the media portray the world as an awful, tragic place to be that warrants tremendous fear. But when I go outside and interact with my neighbors and my community, I bear witness to a contrasting beautiful place that offers hope, inspiration, and love. I also see some shitty behavior but I believe there is a duality with all things in life. We must know pain to have a concept of sensitivity and be able to enjoy pleasure.

Spells should not be underestimated but also should not be feared. The knowledge of their cunning existence gives us an advantage in being able to better detect them. Don't take information at face value, especially if it easily triggers feelings, but instead, look into it yourself before you arrive at any emotional conclusion. Spells come in all forms and be wary of some you may be under at this time. I know there may be certain spells that are deceiving me today, and I strive to stay open-minded enough to be able to detect them. Our mind is all we know. These deceptive spells only have the power that the mind grants them access to.

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