Bill Fountain Posted October 30, 2020, 9:30 pm

I want to play a game

I want to play a game.

No, not like Kevin McCallister in those Saw films, but instead merely a friendly experiment.

If I had a magic wand, and with it, I could grant you whatever your mind can imagine, what would you ask for?

No need to bother with extra wishes, as this magic wand can perform as many wishes as you desire.

Ah, I see you went with world peace and a billion dollars. That’s a good choice. I went a similar route. I would start with a home ATM machine that never runs out of cash, the ability to rewind 15 seconds backwards like on podcasts but in real life, and a sexy wife with a loving family. Then I would want world peace, and for everyone to experience happiness with a manageable balance of sadness. And I want all the doggies and kitties to be okay, so let’s give all them homes. Okay, while we’re at it let’s give those homeless people all homes. And skills and talents so they can sustain their new property. Lets end racism, sexism, ageism, religizism and all the other -isms. Anyone with too much power, let’s back that off a bit, and incarcerate anyone and everyone whose breaking the law. Wait, that’s a little harsh, let’s just only punish the really powerful people who are breaking the law. Okay perfect, now I want endless blowjobs and cocaine and a brain that never overdoses or gets too addicted. Now I want immortality. Lets go with incessant hot sex; also, wife and kids are okay with me getting endless blowjobs and having hot sex with other women. Now I want to go back in time and murder Hitler with a Nerf gun somehow, but for sure I end up the victor. No more poverty. Everyone is happy, skillful and thrifty, but sad sometimes because we have to keep the balance alive (except for me, because I’m immortal). That is a little harsh to only give myself immortality. Okay, immortality for everyone. Balance for everyone! We can’t overload on cocaine and blowjobs; it’s not as great as it may seem. Okay fine, you can have endless blowjobs and cocaine. You know what? Let’s give everyone a magic wand. Perfect, now the world is serene and perfect. Boring as hell though; it’s too easy. I wish for more challenges. No no no, that’s too many, back it down back it down… Perfect, that’s a good balance of challenges. This is too annoying though, can you just give me the illusion that I’m working hard all the time? Okay, good, and also never to feel boredom. Ugh, I don’t feel alive; can I get just spurts of sadness and pleasure? That’s pretty good, but deep down, this is all so pointless. I wish for all this to go away and for life to be as it was without magic wands.

When you go down the rabbit-hole of pleasure and success, what is made clear is the following: things are not worth anything if we do not work for them. Life is challenging, but life is also perfect. The things you want in your life are obtainable, and you probably know exactly how you need to get them. What if I told you the magic wand actually exists in the real world? It’s true- it does, but it doesn’t work instantaneously. The wishes comes with hard work, patience, and persistence among many others, and this is exactly as it should be.

Life can get hard sometimes, but don’t lose sight of your magic wand wishes. The universe is ready to hand you whatever you ask for, and you are asking constantly with your thoughts. If you are thinking terrible, hate-filled thoughts, it should come as no surprise when things don’t get better. If I want to experience the material rewards that come overtime, I must stay focused and not give up. When times do get tough, I can’t chalk it all up as “Well- I tried again and failed again. Looks like I just fail at things. I’m going to give up.”

When we wallow in our pain and misery, we are only asking the universe for more pain and misery. It’s important to recognize and process negative emotions, but to not wallow in them. It’s my subconscious thoughts that drive me toward the majority of my actions, and if my inner voice is negative and hateful, I cannot expect my life to get better. I can only expect it get worse. It’s when I begin to love myself, and think positive and nurturing thoughts that I’m able to begin seeing the world in a new light.

Pain and misery can be comfortable. It’s something that isn’t pleasant but emotionally we are in a familiar place which can satisfy us. It’s during these times that we tend to escape to instant gratifying behavior in an effort to numb out our ill thoughts, such as social media, television, Netflix, games, drugs, alcohol, etc. It is okay to enjoy life with pleasurable things but when done to excess, it is often to distract the person from undesirable thinking. A major problem that comes from this is that the negative thoughts and feelings still exist within that person, regardless of how much they numb them. The numbing is only temporary and until properly processed and acceptance is achieved, the mind-numbing behavior only works as a band-aid.

Don’t loop yourself into a negative vicious cycle of thinking. Process your thoughts and emotions, find where you’re at fault, and accept what is inevitable, possibly forgiving others, but do not wallow or numb the thoughts. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Keep your magic wand wishes centered in your mind, and keep moving forward. I promise you- things will work out.

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